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Fun Fact for Word Nerds 


the word 'wyrd' is pronounced just like the word 'weird' (not 'wired') and was an Old English word that meant 'destiny'... the two words, wyrd and weird, are sort of related as the modern word evolved from the old one, changing it's meaning bit by bit over the centuries.

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Are you looking for ways to include some valuable learning based on Wyrd for your class?

I gave this some serious thought when preparing resources for a CBCA Conference and put together a PDF with some ideas based on the Australian National Curriculum strands of Language, Literacy, and Literature in English, but also looked at some other ways you could use Wyrd in the classroom. 


You might like to think about social relationships, communication and resolving conflicts, investigating different types of families, or even philosophy or history and culture!

Or maybe you are just interested in reading it with your class for pure enjoyment: in which case, I have included some links to a short video & a couple of articles by the amazing Michael Rosen  (UK children's laureate 2007-09 and author of Going on a Bear Hunt) about why this is just so important and how teachers can foster a love of reading.

For details, press here

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