My Short Stories

Magazines and Anthologies

The Room

CSFG Publishing 2013
"She knew the room well. Too well, for she had been here too long. She was young, but in this room she was old. Or was it the other way around?" The Room is suitable for YA readers. 'Next' is an anthology for adult readers compiled by the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild. It can be purchased in paperback or as an ebook from CSFG.

The Sun in the Stone

Pearson Australia, Issue 4, 2009
"Ari wished that he was the eagle that he was named for, so he could fly away. Eydis' name might be useful too! She was named for good fortune. All of them could gain from that. Where was it now?"


Ginninderra Press 2006
​"I'll let you in on it if you promise not to tell..."

Myth & Mystery

Ginninderra Press 2005
Above me the stars awaken while the land sleeps, below me the seasons unfold, and always I can hear the bells tolling, feel the wind as it sweeps around me, while the water washes away the past...

Dimensionally Mislocated

Ginninderra Press 2005
"Lost? We're not lost, just geographically misplaced!"

Dear Mia

Ginninderra Press 2004
When Amelia finds an old book with nothing but faint blue lines and a name, Mia, written on the front page in a junk shop where Grandma is haggling for an old hallstand, she decides to bring it home...

Connall of the Corragh

Ginninderra Press 2004
The last thing that Conall saw, before the fog blanketed everything from sight, was the nearest longship gliding right past them and on towards the jagged rocks beneath tall, black cliffs.

The Garden

Ginninderra Press 2003
Anwen knew that Tobias' garden was a special place, but didn't realise quite how special, until the day it was wrecked.