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Your dreams are turning into a reality and your event is on the calendar...

Now all you need is to provide inspiration and information
for everyone who comes along!
Fox with Balloons
Let me help
Keynotes &
Author Talks
& Masterclasses

It doesn't matter how big or not-so-big your planned event may be  -  a regional writers' conference, a school based festival, or an intimate tête-à-tête at your bookshop or book club -  having the right speakers to address the audience is a big part of getting it right. My talks are designed to be entertaining, interactive,

and packed with information.

With a background in teaching, I connect with my audience through storytelling, insights into the writing process, images & slides, opportunities to participate, Q&A, and a bit of fun and laughter.

Whether you are looking for someone to host or participate on a panel, there is always a lot to organise before the day begins.

I have both prepared for and sat in on panels on a variety of subjects and am always up for a challenge!

Are you looking for workshops investigating the craft and process of writing? I can deliver short or half day sessions based on coming up with ideas, different ways of planning and plotting, getting to know your characters, creating whole new worlds, or just playing with words to paint pictures, as well as how to approach things like 'writer's block' and managing your time. I'd love to fit in with your theme and come up with the perfect session for your event.

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