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On My Bookshelf: The Ruby Locket by Melissa Wray


The Ruby Locket

by Melissa Wray

Odyssey Books 2020

I’m a sucker for a great trailer, and the trailer for this book definitely sucked me in, promising excitement, danger, and intrigue.

I was not disappointed.

The Ruby Locket by Melissa Wray is a fast-paced post-apocalyptic dystopian YA novel, set in difficult times after a devastating event called the Burn, with two compelling and captivating main characters who take it in turns to tell their story.

The two had had not met before Saxon finds Kerina close to death not far from his home, but they are inexorably linked by their past and a future yet to be decided. Sheltering a rambler is perilous at the best of times, but taking care of Kerina turns out to be more dangerous than Saxon and his brother’s family realise. As Kerina slowly regains glimpses of her memory and Saxon discovers truths about his own past, the two are catapulted forward on a mission to find out what brought them to where they are now and how to escape the danger they face.

Both have difficult decisions to make, and the lives of family and friends are at stake as they travel across the wasteland to the heart of the communities and beyond to seek the answers to all their questions. Friendships, betrayals, and the hopes and dreams of strangers all figure in the path they take, leading to a dramatic and emotional conclusion where loyalty is a central player.

The Ruby Locket is an exciting read and every chapter continues to draw the reader deeper into the mystery that haunts both their pasts. The story is suitable for young adult readers who enjoy adventure, mystery, and romantic themes, and includes some violence and mild sexual references, but is not explicit or confronting. The plot revolves around an intricate web of relationships leading to the final outcome, which is all dependent on Saxon and Kerina being able to step into a new future.

I read it as an ebook, delivered via Book Funnel, but The Ruby Locket is also available as a physical book in paperback. It can be purchased direct from Odyssey Books, from Amazon, or through your favourite bookseller.

Well worth the read!


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