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Looking for someone to get the kids excited about reading and writing?

The sort of excitement that helps them to fall in love with the magic of stories?
Carrying Pencil
Here I am!
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Author Talks

My talks are designed to be entertaining, interactive,

and packed with information.

With a background in teaching, I connect with my audience through storytelling, insights into the writing process, images & slides, opportunities to participate, Q&A, and a bit of fun and laughter.


I have a range of workshops

for children from Kindergarten/Prep up based on the different aspects of writing stories, whether it is about coming up with ideas, different ways of planning and plotting, getting to know your characters, creating whole new worlds, or just playing with words to paint pictures.

Teacher PD

Sometimes it is all about getting the teachers enthusiastic, too.

I can work with staff to reignite (or fuel up) a passion for story and dive in to explore how you can use language, literature, and literacy to tune into writing in the classroom.

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