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On My Bookshelf: Wizards of Once, Knock Three Times by Cressida Cowell

Wizards of Once, Knock Three Times

by Cressida Cowell

Hodder Children’s Books 2019

In this third book in the series, Wish and Xar are are once again on the run, trying to evade their parents (Sychorax, Queen of the Warriors, and Encanzo, the powerful Wizard King) and find the final ingredients for a spell to get rid of the evil witches that are returning to the Wildwoods.

Betrayed by one of their companions, they only just make it to safety as they are hunted down by Warriors, Wizards, and Witches, but eventually they have to leave their safe haven at the Pook Hill Learning Place for Spectacularly Gifted Wizards to continue their terrifying quest and overcome the terrible Kingwitch.

But first they have to get past their parents and trick the dreaded Nuckavlee...

As with the previous two books in the series, Wizards of Once and Twice Magic, this story is a non-stop roller-coaster of adventure and magic, but what I like about it best is the playfulness of the language with all the extraordinary characters following quickly behind.

And it doesn’t finish here!

Another fabulous book for young readers from 8+ (to 80+ or so) who enjoy fantasy, magic, and adventure, with more to look forward to as the series continues (when the Unknown Narrator will finally be revealed)!


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