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Vale Sir Terry Pratchett

When I met Sir Terry Pratchett I was taken by his quiet charm and intense intelligence. Having just flown half way around the world for the first time in several decades just for the chance to have drinks and nibbles with him, it was a moment of absolute delight for me, only one of many of his most ardent fans. What gave me this coveted chance? Not quite winning the Terry Pratchett Prize in 2013, Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now. It didn't matter, the winning story was better than mine, and I felt like I had won anyway, when, following our 'official chat' he wandered back over to talk with me again. We talked about Australia (where I live) and about cats, those that he owned being, apparently, the reason that he had never emigrated to the Great Southern Land. He also talked to me about what he liked about my novel and gave me great encouragement.

I have a photo of him chatting with me displayed in my study. It is the source of one of my greatest pleasures that I can say that Terry Pratchett read one of my books. And liked it. I have loved reading his. Vale Terry Pratchett.

meeting Sir Terry 2013

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