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You're passionate about writing stories... and now you're looking at taking the next step.

Wherever you are on your journey, it's always good to have someone to walk with you along the path
Here I am!
Fox with Balloons
Writing by the Water

When your drafts are at that stage that make them almost ready to go it is always reassuring to get some feedback from somebody with a bit of experience. I've provided manuscript assessment services through the ACT Writers Centre and to individuals for several years now, and provide written summary reports based on the elements of story writing and in response to specific requests.

& Mini-Retreats
Writers' Journey

For when you want to brush up on your skills and work on your technique, I have developed a range of workshops investigating the craft and process of writing, based on coming up with ideas, different ways of planning and plotting, getting to know your characters, creating whole new worlds, or just playing with words to paint pictures, as well as how to approach things like 'writer's block' and managing your time.

To begin with, I'll  be offering short courses online, with small group face to face (in real life!) sessions to be announced when we can do that sort of thing without worrying about covid cancellations.

A cross between a mentorship and a power critique group, the Writers' Journey Roadmap will be a 12 week pilgrimage of one 60-minute online session each week, with email support, drilling down into the craft and processes involved in writing a book. Goals and objectives will be set by participants and can be revised as required.

In development.

Coming Soon
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